2006 Champs

Freestyle – Beginners (Under 12 Months)

1st          Michael Taylor & Jodi Hollick Gold Coast

2nd        Jesse Vos & Carolyn Siuba Perth

3rd         Ryan Doherty & Fiona Grayson Bris


Freestyle – Intermediate Under 2 Years

1st          Coby Chapple & Laura Hay  Gold Coast

2nd        Joshua Grant & Amanda Nullmeyers  Perth

3rd         Kris Mason & Nikkela Jorritisma  Newcastle


Freestyle – Intermediate Plus (Over 2 Years)

1st          David Chu & Sarah Birtles  Melb

2nd        Sven Stollberg & Michelle Beer Gold Coast

3rd         Kevin Town & Sylvia Howes UK / Syd


Freestyle – Over 80′s (Combined Age – both over 35)

1st          Rob Goad & Kris Risojevic  GCoast

2nd        Richard Tavares & Helen Ferguson-Smith Bris

3rd         John Squibb & Paula Squibb  Perth


Freestyle – Advanced

1st          Simon Olsen & Sandra Minc  Melb

2nd        Graham Gooch & Sue Cowley Bris

3rd         John Kennedy & Merrily Hunter Bris


Freestyle – Masters (Now called Champions)

1st          Steve Lampert & Simone Harding UK / Syd

2nd        John Humphries & Christie Mansfield Melb

3rd         David Greenwood & Louise Capps  Melb


D.W.A.S. – Intermediate Under 2 Years

1st          Coby Chapple & Jenna Nies  Gold Coast / Bris

2nd        Rolphe Heldt & Nikkela Jorritsma Perth / Newcastle

3rd         Steve Kuljis & Fiona Grayson  Perth / Bris


D.W.A.S. – Intermediate Plus – Over 2 Years

1st          Daniel Bahyl & Michelle Beer  Gold Coast / Gold Coast

2nd        Richard Robertson & Sarah Birtles Perth / Melb

3rd         Kevin Town & Katrina Ostrenski  UK / Gold Coast


D.W.A.S. – Advanced

1st          Peter Fradley & Merrily Hunter Syd / Bris

2nd        Anthony Douglas & Sharon Mundey Melb / Bris

3rd         Shaun Talmudge & Julia Nutter Melb / Bris


D.W.A.S. – The Masters

1st          Steve Lampert & Nicky Haslam U.K. / Syd

2nd        Jason Sullivan & Louise Capps Gold Coast / Melb

3rd         Louis Raish & Camille Formston Syd / Syd



1st          Alex Bryan & Debbie Cantoni Melb

2nd        Allan Skinner & Holly Cormie Gold Coast

3rd         Sandra Minc & Sarah Birtles Melb


Team Challenge

1st          Take it to the Floor Gold Coast

2nd        Way We Move  Syd

3rd         Infernal  Bris