QMJC 2017
Official Results

DWAS Beginners Leaders

1              David Gleeson
2              Shaun Connor
3              Hunter Mayne


DWAS Beginners Followers

1              Stephanie Nelson
2              Melissa Sands
3              Catherine McDowall


DWAS Intermediate Leaders

1              Michael Gleeson
2              Alysander Stanley
3              Kieran McGrath


DWAS Intermediate Followers

1              Nicole Hailwood
2              Tanya Diessel
3              Heidi Roleff


DWAS Inter Plus Leaders

1              Mathew Flemmer
2              Grant Green
3              Rhys Fallavollita


DWAS Inter Plus Followers

1              Chelsea Leith
2              Stephanie Wray
3              Mel Mari


DWAS Advanced Leaders

1              Nathan Walsh
2              Tom Campbell
3              Aaron Edwards

DWAS Advanced Followers

1              Jenny Atkins
2              Zoe Green
3              Freya Wilson

DWAS Champions

1              Shaun Diaz and Debbie Keal
2              Dan Rippon and Kylie Davey
3              Zachary Skinner and Nikita Brown

Freestyle Beginners

1              Shaun Connor and Mel Anthonisz
2              David Gleeson and Catherine McDowell
3              Blake Greentree and Stephanie Nelson

Freestyle Intermediate

1              Kieran McGrath and Ren Pritchard
2              Alysander Stanley and Lucy Mayne
3              Michael Gleeson and Paige Miller

Freestyle Inter Plus Final

1              Rhys Fallavollita and Sandy He
2              Eamon French and Amy Samaranayake
3              Dean Waldron and Rachael Stacpoole

Freestyle Advanced

1              Mathew Flemmer and Jenny Atkins
2              Grant Green and Zoe Green
3              Domenic Sergi and Rose De Rota

Freestyle Champions

1              Dan Rippon and Debbie Keal
2              Ethan Brown and Nikita Brown
3              Grant Luck and Julia Fifoot

Freestyle Over 45s

1              Brent Harding and Christine McBride
2              Grant Green and Denise Green
3              David Elliston and Jenny Little

Pro-Am Leaders

1              Kieran McGrath and Julie Gunn
2              Alysander Stanley and Beata Khaidurova
3              Paul Micallef and Alana Johnston

Pro-Am Followers

1              Tanya Diessel & Ethan Brown
2              Ren Pritchard & Ben Jury
3              Paige Miller & Matthew Fairburn

Role Reversal

1              Shaun Diaz and Kylie Davey
2              Ethan Brown and Jenny Atkins
3              Ross Craigie and Nikita Brown

Swaps and Steals

1              Benjamin Seyer and Dan Rippon & Jenny Atkins
2              Matthew Fairburn and Zachary Skinner & Kylie Davey
3              Ethan Brown and Yuvesh Sharma & Zoe Green


1              Casey Fowler and Emma Priest & Charlie Cowie
2              Nathan Walsh and Reasmey Tith & Rose De Rota
3              Jenny Atkins and Alana Muir & Julia Fifoot


1              David Mun and Catherine Azzopardi
2              Ethan Brown and Nikita Brown
3              Nathan Walsh and Reasmey Tith


1              CMJ Sydney
2              Le Step OTC GC
3              Move Your Body GC