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Nikita & Ethan from NZ won our 2016 Showcase event and are our international guest teachers for Ignite 2018.

N.Z.’s Nikita & Ethan will be back!  

Yep, they’re coming back but this time they are our international pros for Ignite.
Nikita & Ethan Brown from Auckland – New Zealand have won numerous Champions Level medals for their dancing across N.Z. & Australia.

Nikita & Ethan will be teaching 3 workshops at Ignite and will also be available for private classes.

Australia’s best!

Emma & Zac are arguably Australia’s best known Modern Jive partners and are widely sought after to teach at weekenders in Australia and overseas.

Our Queensland pros for the weekend are Emma Keating and Zac Skinner from the Gold Coast.
Emma and Zac have won numerous competitions in Australia. They have also taught internationally.

They bring the “modern” vibe to modern jive and love sharing their knowledge in fun classes.

Emma & Zac will be teaching 3 workshops at Ignite and will also be available for private classes.


But wait – there’s more!Anthony Truong & Amanda Truong (Wilson). Teaching workshops in Brisbane 2014.

We also have Anthony Truong and Amanda Truong teaching a fun class for you on the Friday night.


And – more!

In addition to the Intermediate and above level workshops, we’ve got a Welcome Workshop with Tanya Diessel and 3 Workshops to fully cater for our newer dancers who would like to attend the Ignite weekender.

MJ dancers Tanya D with Ethan Bown at Ignite & QMJC

Tanya D with Ethan Bown at Ignite & QMJC

These workshops will be taught by some of our awesome local teachers from Le Step Brisbane and Le Step on the Coast.
Matt Fairburn, Alana Muir, Julia Fifoot & Grant Luck and Katie Cooling & Phillip Bunn.