WEDNESDAY – Warm-Up 09/08/19
Guest Teachers – Intermediate Class
+ Extended Freestyle 7:30 – 11:00
   West End Class (Not included in Ignite)

Nikita & Ethan from NZ are one of our headline couples in 2019.

FRIDAY  09/08/18
Mantra check-in from 2pm.

7:00 pm     Pre-Party – Drinks & Dancing
                    Competitor Check-In 
7:30 pm     Light it up with the “Ignite Special”
8:30 pm     Freestyle/Social Dancing
                    Weekend Pass (or $25)
                     “First Timers” Meeting (8:30pm) with Tanya D
                     Info session for new competitors.
                    What to expect & what you need to know.
9:15 pm      Intermediate Class with Sydney Guest Teachers 
                     Ignite Teacher Freestyle Demo & Pro Performances

SATURDAY  10/08/19
09:00 – 10:00     Workshop 1 – Ethan & Nikita (INT/ADV Level)
10:15 – 11:15     Workshop 2 – Matt & Emma  (INT/ADV Level)
                            Beginner Workshop 1  (BEG/INT Level)
11:30 -12:30     Workshop 3
– Ethan & Nikita (INT/ADV Level)
12:30                  Tech Runs (Showcase & Teams)
                            Lunch Break
12:45 – 1:00        Judges’ Meeting (Arrival @ 12:40 or after rehearsal.)
                            Meeting in the ‘Judges Room’. Our crew will direct you.

Times will be adjusted as required once nominations are received.
13:30   DWAS Heats

              Pro-Am Heats
              Infinity  (Heats To Final)
              Dinner Break
             Over 45s Div 1 & Div 2 Freestyle Heats
             Showcase Performances
             Dance Party

SUNDAY 11/08/19
09:00 – 10:00      Workshop 4 – Matt & Emma (INT/ADV Level)                       
10:15 – 11:15      Beginner Workshop 2  (BEG/INT Level)
                              Workshop 5 – Guests TBA

11:30 – 12:30       Workshop 6
– Matt & Emma (INT/ADV Level)
                              Beginner Workshop 3 
– Grant & Julia (BEG/INT Level)
12:30    Lunch Break

Times will be adjusted as required once nominations are received.
13:30  Freestyle Heats
             Over 45s Div 1 & Div 2 – Finals
             Pro-Am Finals
             DWAS Finals
             Dinner Break
             Freestyle Finals
             Awards Ceremony
             Social – Big Ass Dance Party…till 2am!!

A reminder to all competitors that the finals and awards are late on Sunday night. Even if you don’t think you’ll make the finals, you should plan to leave the event very late Sunday night or early Monday morning. eg Fly home Monday morning.

MONDAY  12/08/19
Social Day – Chill-out lunch in Surfers Paradise – Gold Coast.

Because we do not limit the number of competitors at the QMJC, this schedule may be adjusted prior to the event or during the course of each day. Please note that the times listed on the schedule are a guide and we recommend you remain in the Ballroom before and after your events where the MCs will be announcing frequently what will be coming up and any changes to the schedule.


Like previous years, the tech runs will be in a quick run format where you will all be in the Ballroom at the same time as other performers rather than gathering and waiting outside for your turn.
Each showcase and team will have just 10 mins on the main floor with your music.   You will run in order of event.

Showcase and Teams events are split over the Saturday and Sunday of the QMJC event.  Showcase will be on Saturday night and Teams will be on Sunday night.  This allows us the ability to give the Showcase entrants a little more time for their tech runs as we’ve split it to a morning shift and a lunch shift.  There were 12 Showcases and 5 Teams in 2018, which indicates how busy the event is, so please be on time.

Showcase performers will meet in the foyer 15 minutes before your scheduled tech run.

Team performers will meet on Sunday in the foyer 15 minutes before your scheduled tech run.

The order and times will  be posted in the Facebook group and on the official Ignite page.

For your reference, the rehearsal times are here as a guide and subject to change due to registration changes occurring after the closed date.  This will be the order of performances on the Saturday and Sunday nights except where it says ‘tech run only’ as those couples are being scheduled based on flight arrivals and other extenuation circumstances.

Showcase 2019 – Saturday early morning tech run.

1 8:00 A
2 8:10 B
3 8:20 C
4 8:30 D
5 8:40 E
6 8:50 F

Showcase 2019 – Saturday lunchtime tech run.

7 12:35 G
8 12:45 H
9 12:55 I
10 13:05 J
11 13:15 K
12 13:20 L

Teams 2019 – Sunday lunchtime tech run.

1 12:35 P
2 12:45 Q
3 12:55 R
4 13:05 S
5 13:15 T