With all major competitions, the running order is subject to change both before and on the day/s of the event.

For now, if you want to know what’s happening on which days/evenings, you should check the general schedule for the weekend.

The basic weekend schedule;
– Workshops on Sat/Sun mornings (not too early).
– Lunch Break
– Rehearsals for Showcase/Teams
–¬†Once the QMJC registrations close, we will firm up the exact QMJC schedule.
– A full detailed schedule will then be released here, on Facebook and via email.

On occasion, circumstances mean it is necessary to adjust the running order. It is therefore very important that you do not leave the venue during the event – except for scheduled breaks. The only persons who can advise you about possible changes to the running order is the director of the QMJC and the MC.
Staff and crew have been advised that they do not have the authority to advise you of changes to the schedule.

A large projector screen will display the current event so you can keep track of the schedule’s progress and any changes.

The number of heats in each round will be available at the QMJC.
All results will be posted in the main foyer so you are able to see if you are progressing to the next round and/or finals.