Reverse Role

Reverse Role is back again this year.

This is a fun category we first introduced for the QMJC 2015.
Modern jive is all about leading and following and this category is designed to give you an insight and empathy for the opposite role to what you are used to doing.

Each partnership will be judged as a couple.
This is a ‘fun’ category but the judges will be judging this seriously.
Whilst you may dress up for the event but keep in mind that whilst x-factor is part of the judging criteria, the judges will be asked to judge you on timing, technique, teamwork etc. You will be judged in the same manner as per standard freestyle.

This event is open to any level dancers but would normally be suited for Intermediate Plus and above.

Dancers are reminded that this section of the QMJC is about respect, consideration, and empathy for what your reverse role usually contends with when dancing. As such the judges will focus will be on your ability to dance the reverse role.

Baby aerials are allowed .
Full aerials are limited to one per song.

This is a gender neutral event but dancers must dance the role (lead or follow) that they usually do not dance.