Pre-Registration of Competitors

The Queensland Modern Jive Championships (QMJC) is an open event for anyone who can Modern Jive. We welcome everyone from any dance company and from anywhere in the world.

ALL competitors are required to pre-register prior to the weekend. Failure to pre-register will almost certainly lead to you not being able to compete.

QMJC 2010 Mark Harding & Amy M

Mark H & Amy M 2010 QMJC

ALL registrations will be online and:

  • include a general disclaimer (including against injury) that must be signed before competing.
  • will not be accepted once all available positions have been filled. (Places limited)
  • MUST be made before Friday 3rd August 2018.


  • will ONLY be accepted if positions are still available.
  • will incur an additional and automatic $30 late administration fee.

How do I know if my registration for IGNITE and the QMJC has been received?
Firstly, once you have finalised your online registration and payment, you will receive an automated email that will include an invoice (receipt) for your registration.
If your payment is not processed, you will not receive the confirmation email. If you believe your payment has been successful but have not received an email from QMJC please check your spam filters/junk mailbox. If you still cannot find the email please contact the Le Step head office. 0412 174 111.
In addition to the automated email, we will have our usual an ‘online list of competitors’. (Read below)

What if I want to register now but I think my competitor details might change?
Go ahead and register now. You can update your details later. When you register you will receive a confirmation email for each item you purchase.

Do not delete your confirmation email.
If your competitor details change (eg partner/s, events) you will be able to use the link in the confirmation email to update your details.

Publication of ‘online list of competitors’
Once nominations close, we will publish an online list of all competitors so that everyone has the opportunity to see who they are competing against and another opportunity to confirm their event details are correct. This ‘online list of competitors’ will serve as an additional opportunity for us (the event organizers) to make sure all competitor information is received and correct prior to IGNITE. No personal information will appear on this list. Privacy policy.

Important: Check-In at QMJC
All competitors are required to check-in and do a final confirmation of their registration details on Friday night 17th August 2018.
No changes will be permitted on Saturday or Sunday at the event, so it is important you check-in Friday night at The Mantra.

Register now to compete!