Pro-Am (Professional/Amateur)  

(Previously referred to as Mix n Match)
This is a fun category that was originally introduced by the VMJC.
It has now become one of the most popular events at Modern Jive competitions.

Student dancers should get in early to make sure they get a teacher to partner them. Don’t be shy! If they have not asked you, ask your recap etc teachers if they would be interested in competing with you. It’s fun and you’ll learn heaps.

Divided into two sections.
1. ‘Pro-Am Girls’ –> Girls with their male teachers.
2. ‘Pro-Am Guys’ –> Guys with their female teachers.

In choosing a partner it must be in the spirit of this event – bringing the dance community together.

The ‘student’ competitor must be dancing for LESS THAN 2 years.

Their ‘teacher’ partner must be;
a Director &/or Mainstream Teacher of Modern Jive
–  or a current or past competitor at either the Advanced or Champions level
– or, in the spirit of the event, Recap/Freestyle, Bridging Class/Intro-mediate Class etc Teachers.

Dancers Excluded
Partners cannot be a life/regular partner or a performance dance partner.
Partners may not partner with each other in any other category in this championship event.PartyTime_01_Resized
Partners may not have competed at any previous modern jive competition in any category.
(This is so lots of newer dancers get to enjoy the experience of dancing with the teachers.

Teachers are reminded that this section of the QMJC is about their student and as such teachers are to dance in a way that highlights their student’s ability rather than their own ability. Judges will be asked to focus on the student’s ability – not that of the teacher.

Nicky&Red_ResizedIn preparing for the competition students and “teachers” should try to spend a few sessions either at class or in private classes to assist in the development of the student’s dance ability. The focus should be on timing, teamwork, and technique.

Baby aerials are allowed.
Full aerials are limited to one per song.