Judges Meeting

There will be a brief judges meeting on the Saturday morning to run through any important changes for the weekend to enable a seamless judging process.

Please note that the rules and judging panel are set in place well before the day of the QMJC. No changes to the rules, nor the makeup of the judging panel are possible at the event so this is not the time to discuss it.

Scoring Program

Judges will use a paper-based scoring system so there is no need to bring a smart-phone or tablet for scoring purposes.
Based on the number of competitors in each section, judges will be asked to choose ‘x’ (x number) dancers who they wish to see again in further rounds, ‘x’ who are ‘maybes’ and a small number of ‘x’ who they judge to not proceed to the next round.
A ‘relative placement’ system will then be used to determine which dancers will proceed to the following rounds and ultimately to decide the winners.