These frequently asked questions are mainly competition related.  

For FAQs relating to the overall IGNITE weekender please visit our general FAQs page.

We’re getting much much closer to national rules but the simple answer is NO.

Whilst the rules of each competition are usually close, it is your responsibility to check all rules and regulations before registering.

That’s ok – so long as you let us know about it BEFORE registrations close.  Details on how to do this will be out soon.

Anthony & Amanda
If your competitor details change
(eg partner/s, events) you will be able to update your details online and there’s always the option to contact Mick or Emma.

It depends on what you’re talking about so let’s be clear here:
Freestyle = one level only.
DWAS = one level only.

Your Freestyle and DWAS levels may be different if you qualify differently for each category.

The one exception to this rule is that Over 45s can compete in Freestyle with one partner and with a different partner in the main Freestyle category.

Over 45s can also choose to compete in DWAS at the level for which they qualify.

YES, we enforce the rules. In some unusual cases (eg where people have attended one or two classes and then not danced in a long time and would be best suited for a particular category, we can negotiate the level in consultation with their company director/head teacher. With regards to our own Brisbane Le Step dancers, another dance company’s director will be consulted before a decision is made.

We have not had repechage at QMJC since 2015.  As far as the competition goes, we’re making it competitive!  We are definitely making sure you get more time on the floor to be seen by the judges and this format allows you way more social dance opportunities too.