As the event organisers and hosts of the IGNITE weekender, we would like to personally extend a very warm invitation to all modern jiver dancers to attend the IGNITE weekender.

After your sensational reviews of IGNITE 2016, 2017 & 2018, we have made things even better for Ignite 2019. We love striving to improve & enhance our events to keep them fresh and interesting. Amongst other improvements, IGNITE 2019 will now include 9 workshops. (6 Intermediate level and upwards and 3 specifically for newer dancers)

Thanks to your feedback, we’ll be using the same DJs again for the weekender. Thanks Ian & Matt and this year we’ll be introducing DJ Si for some of the social sets. We’re also keeping it fresh by having a change of some events so, this year (2019) we’ll have the return of ‘Infinity’ and we’re creating 2 levels for the ‘Over 45’s’ event.

Weekenders bring together lovers of MJ (of all levels) from around the country and abroad, for a fun-filled weekend of dance. A weekend where many new friendships are formed and old ones rekindled.

MJ championships create a fantastic spectacle of dance, so bring your friends and family for a fantastic getaway weekend, or just a couple of spectacular nights at our championship finals & performances on the Saturday and/or Sunday evening.

We’re sure you’re going to love this years event and we look forward to seeing you burn up the floor at IGNITE in August 2019!

Mick French  + 61 412 17 4111
Director Le Step Brisbane
[email protected]

Emma Keating +61 404 034 209
Director Le Step On the Coast
[email protected]

Questions & Answers

The fine print for each QMJC event is listed under each sub-heading in the main menu.
However, this section is to answer some frequently asked questions about the QMJC.

Full Ignite Schedule

The QMJC will not be split evenly over two days. Comps usually run for about 12 hours plus some. So we’re running DWAS heats and some other preliminary heats on the Saturday. Amongst other things, the Freestyle and most finals will be held on the Sunday. The Showcase Finals will be on the Saturday night so it’s best to check out the full schedule for more details.  Full Schedule

We cannot give you a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer unless we have more info from you. Please read the full notes that apply to your level. However, in brief, the following might help your understanding.
You may only compete at 1 level of Freestyle.
You may only compete at 1 level of DWAS.

However, you may compete at a different level for each category of competition (Freestyle & DWAS) but only subject to you qualifying for that level (Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate Plus, Advanced, Champions) in that category.

What about Over 45s?

The ‘Over 45s’ is simply another level of Freestyle. If you think you are competitive in the other levels then you should consider competing there. This category is for our (slightly) older dancers who do not feel they are competitive when up against people half their age. (Champions would generally not compete in the Over 45’s unless they were competing with a significantly less experienced partner. In which case, you might be better placed in the Pro-Am category.)

The answer regarding Over 45s is this; ‘You may compete in Over 45s and at another level of freestyle BUT only with a different partner.’

For DWAS, dancers who are over 45 years of age may compete at the level for which you qualify in DWAS. (ie Your Freestyle and DWAS levels may be different.)