Questions & Answers

These frequently asked questions are more related to the overall ‘weekender’ rather than the QMJC specifically.
For QMJC related Questions & Answers, please visit our QMJC Qustions & Answers page.

Each year we like to make improvements based on your feedback.
Here’s what’s happening at IGNITE & QMJC 2019.

IGNITE is, for our fourth year in a row, being held at the iconic Gold Coast.
For those who want to really be part of the group and have everything in one convenient place, you can stay on site for the entire weekend.

2017 & 2018 were significantly streamlined so you can expect even more streamlined tweaks for our QMJC in 2019.

Our 2019 events will include; Pro-Am (Professional/Student), Infinity and Over 45s.

–  INFINTY was extremely popular in 2017 so it’s back!  It’s all about good lead and follow but you’ll be in a double hand hold for the entire dance. You’ll be amazed what you can be achieved.

OVER 45s. There are lots of dancers aged over 45 who are able to cut it with people have their age. They are very competitive in the general freestyle categories, so we are leaving the minimum age requirement as 45s and over.

– In 2019, it’s open slather on filming your own footage of the heats and semi-finals. We will Modern Jive Live again this year so you’ll be able to keep up with what’s going on and have access to your individual events too.

The simple answer is NO.

The rules are fairly close but some competitions choose to not run according to the rules the main MJ jive company directors agreed upon a few years ago. So, it is the indiviual’s responsibility to check all rules and regulations before registering.

Furthermore, from time to time the conditions for progressing up the ranks at competitions are slightly tightened or slightly relaxed as required to ensure a pool of fantastic dancers are competing at the upper levels. Please check carefully to ensure you register at the correct level.

YES. Absolutely!

Everyone is welcome to join us for a fabulous weekend celebrating MJ. Your friends who don’t MJ are very welcome to get up and have a dance and they will love watching the performances and the competitors pushing themselves on the floor. A reminder too that both the Saturday and Sunday night is a spectacle of MJ, so bring your family and friends to see the best dancers in action.

Since our new venue is very centrally located in Surfers Paradise, there is very minimal free on-road parking.

No. Due to Queensland liquor licensing laws you may not bring alcohol into any room we are using for IGNITE.

The bar will be open at the Mantra at reasonable prices.

Yes – very easily.

The Mantra is right in the heart of Surfer’s Paradise but you can use TransLink for info if you’d like to go exploring.

Our Resources>>Visiting Us page.

TransLink Public Transport System in Brisbane & Gold Coast.

TransLink –

Gold Coast City Council – Public Transport Info

For approx $10 a day you can get around the GC from the Airport at Cooloongatta to Surfer’s Paradise or even SeaWorld or Harbourtown Shops.

For $10 a day info.      Gold Coast G-Link Map


No. Competing is not for everyone but those of us who compete love it. There are levels for everyone from Beginners upwards. And, you’ll find everyone at MJ events are always really supportive of everyone else doing well and having a great time. Ignite will also have workshops that are designed so that everyone gets something out of them. These workshops are with some of Australasia’s best dancers.

We’ve tried to put as much info here as possible but if you still have more questions you can check our page for competition related FAQs. If your question is still not answered, please call Mick on +61 412 174 111 or Emma on +61 404 034 209 or email [email protected] As we head towards the competition we will add more FAQs here.