So, you’re planning a visit to the ‘Sunshine State’?
Great, we’re looking forward to having you come visit Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Not a Long Weekend

Story Bridge Brisbane

Story Bridge Brisbane

We’ve deliberately planned IGNITE for not to be on a Queensland long weekend so that we can take advantage of some of the better flight deals that come up that are not an option when we run it over a public holiday weekend.  Either way, you’ll want to make sure you stay with us till at least Monday afternoon or evening as we won’t finish dancing till late on Sunday evening and we love the idea of getting the stayers together on the Monday for a relaxed social (lunch) which is a great way to chill out with new found friends you’ve met on the weekend.

Planning to stay a bit longer?

If you’re here for an extra week or two, the Friday class in Broadbeach is the biggest & best night on the Gold Coast.

Private classes?
If you’d like to do private classes with some of our locals please let us know and we can provide you with more information.  For Gold Coast  and Brisbane

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